Re: [Voice/Action]

Date: 2009-12-02 08:21 am (UTC)
[More than anything, Maxwell was confused. Having woken up in a foreign land had left its mark on him, as well as some elements that remained concealed within the inner sanctums of his soul. The maniacal Crusader was gone--if but temporarily--replaced by this lesser man...This lonely, empty shell of a man. And he hated that feeling. That feeling of helplessness. To have to rely on someone--even his guardian--was awkward for one of such strong will. He'd grown so used to having resources abounding at his fingertips that the mere concept of his having to reestablish himself as a presence was dreadful, if not completely terrifying.

But, as God would have it, here he was: Exposed to the elements, in an unfamiliar environment, and without any of Iscariot to command. Yet there was hope...The Priest lurked nearby, or so it would seem with how confident he seemed to be about retrieving this sorry, broken creature from the ruins of the earth.

Yet, somehow it was even worse than the knowledge of his being alone, in a way. He couldn't define his foreboding exactly . . . Only, that it was there. And it tugged at his already softened heart.]

God be with you.

[He crossed himself out of habit, using his right hand to move from forehead to chest and then quickly from shoulder to shoulder.]
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